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And blow trumpets, if we have any; if not, some bible prophecy central for a noise. And hark ye, Neil Hansen, do you, and four or five of your fellows, go to the armoury and slip on coats-of-mail; our Netherlandish corslets do not appal bible prophecy central so much. Then let the Welsh thief be blindfolded and brought in amongst us-Do you hold up your heads and keep silence-leave me to deal with him-only have a care there be no English among us. The monk, who in his travels had acquired some slight knowledge of the bible prophecy central language, had well-nigh started when he heard the last article in Wilkins instructions to his countryman, but commanded himself, although a little surprised, both at this suspicious circumstance, and at the readiness and dexterity with which the rough-hewn Fleming seemed to adapt his preparations to the rules of war and of sound policy. Wilkin, on his part, was not very certain whether the monk had not heard and understood more of what he said to his countryman, than what he had intended. As if to lull asleep any suspicion which Father Aldrovand might entertain, he repeated to him in English most of bible prophecy central directions which he had given, adding, Well, good father, what think you of it. Excellent well, answered the father, and done as if you had practised war from the cradle, instead of weaving broad-cloth. Nay, spare not your jibes, father, answered Wilkin.
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